All websites are designed as CMS - high tech user friendly Content Management Systems.
As a customer, you have an option of managing the content of the website yourself or assign the updates function to your employees. You or your employee will be trained in content management as a part of a website setup.

You only need basic computer skills, like, for example, managing your email account, in order to quickly learn how to update your own website with fresh pictures and texts.

You also have an option to retain us for basic and advanced updates.

Website Design and Setup
The price and budget are established during the initial consultation.

Any additional work at a later time is quoted before the work begins.
No surprise charges!!!

The prices for setup and design start from $350
An average small business will spend between $350 and $3500 with us.

This affords a million dollar looking website.

Domains are FREE with hosting account
The monthly or yearly payment covers the following services:

1) Domain name
2) Hosting
3) licensing of all copyrighted dynamic features
4) back-end maintenance and development
5) support
6) optional minor content updates

The monthly payment ranges between $25 and $90 (depending on the number of dynamic features and amount of monthly optional content updates).

Maintenance, included in the monthly fee, involves back-end work performed on the data base and website structural units, as well as server side maintenance. This is done to insure that the website works perfectly, loads fast throughout the year, is up to date with fast developing technology in regards to compatibility with new browsers and programming languages, etc.

Support includes an initial CMS training workshop for the Client, follow up phone calls in a reasonable format to insure Clients’ comfort while working with his/her website.